Mobile front-end to a leading payment processing solution. It provides access to the platform's services via custom forms and specialized native plugins.

Certain parts of the application that do not depend on native functionality are available on the web as well. Cordova was used to wrap the HTML/JS/CSS code.


Mobile Wallet

A mobile-first application for a system that acts as a digital wallet, giving cardless access to a large network of stores.

The application was build as a web application backed by the core system. Cordova (via the Ionic mobile app framework) was used to create a fully integrated mobile experience.


ADM - Admin Area

The administration center of a larger system. Users of different roles are able to manage data and accounts and perform various operations.

I was involved in the later stage to help create new pages, procedures and functionality, to restructure the build system and implement the final design.


FTN - Transactions Graph

A custom JavaScript component, part of a larger application, built to visualize certain types of financial transactions and the participating entities.

It makes use of date range filters, node constraints, popup balloons and depth-based shading to help examine and analyze the transactions.


BTTM - Trafic Monitoring

A system that collects and analyzes live road traffic data. It feeds the traffic conditions to traffic control systems for display or further analysis.

Bluetooth stations are installed on key network nodes, detecting, collecting and classifying vehicle travel times between adjacent stations.


PTDMS - Public transport

A web-based, public transport data management suite. Allows easy tracing and editing of vehicle routes on top of a standard tiled map.

Once the different transport modes, their lines and their routes are defined, a special UI is used to enter schedules data that can be shared with external applications.


VMS - VMS management

Full suite of applications, services and components used to interact with and manage Variable Message Signs deployed on large cities.

Several low-level communication and command protocols have been implemented for full-matrix and dual graphic/text panels.


SAVE ME - Disaster mitigation

System and Actions for VEhicles and transportation hubs to support Disaster Mitigation and Evacuation.

I implemented an application for tablets to be used by the first responders during a crisis and the necessary backend for user authentication and communication with the central system.


ITS Supervisor

An integrated event management and presentation application backed by a modular ITS data collection system.

Collects data from various sources (i.e. vehicle locations, VMS status, parking availability), allows submitting and editing events with optional geodata and shows them on an interactive map.


FlashDM - Public transport

Desktop application used for data entry, preparation, validation and management of public transport routes and schedules.

It was extended by me to include a user-friendly GIS editor that's used to create the network's edges (routes) by linking nodes (bus stops) and tracing them on the interactive map.


Integrated multi-modal trip planning, hotel booking, point-of-interest search services for Greece.

As part of a team, we created and implemented a multi-modal trip planning algorithm and the necessary supporting services, along with a public web site that gives access to it.


Ermis - Fleet Management

Fleet management system that communicates with on-board devices to provide the necessary means for the effective management of a fleet of vehicles.

I was involved in kickstarting the project by consulting on the necessary technologies, creating the initial application skeleton and offering technical assistance.


Rail web - Wagon tracking

Map-based web application that provides freight tracking and monitoring on the european railroad network.

The application interfaces with the main system via a separate access layer to the database (built as a web-service), estimates the wagons' position and displays them on the map.


disc3 - Discussion system

A debate / discussion / argument map system, in it's early stages. It's an experiment in structured online debates and served as a node.js learning exercise.

Once an issue is submitted, users are invited to argue for or against the opening argument and upvote or downvote other arguments already present.


CEED - CEGUI unified editor

The new CEGUI editor. It currently supports basic project management, layout, imageset and animation editing.

My contributions include a new property inspector system, image copy, paste, duplicate, UI polish and work on many smaller bugs.


AnyColor - Firefox add-on

Firefox add-on that changes the browser's colors and backgrounds on the fly.

AnyColor was highly successful; 6 million downloads, "featured" add-on for several weeks and 1M+ daily users in it's peak. It was discontinued in early 2010 because of time constraints.


Roadkill - POI Module

This module is part of a larger research project that aims to assess the current status of the population of the brown bear.

It allows the users to view, submit and edit roadkill incidents (assuming sufficient privileges) and optionally accompany them with a photo.


Mapper - Tile map maker

A hobby project that helps players of the online game «Wurm Online» plan their village and map the existing world terrain.

Mapper makes heavy use of the (new at the time) canvas HTML element and other experimental browser features. It was great for learning and useful at the same time.


CRTetris - Tetris clone

A tetris game made for DOS featuring high color graphics, MIDI music, sound effects and themes.

Travel around the world (Super Pang style) clearing lines and completing levels in this retro game released in 1999. The source code is, unfortunately, lost.