Software Developer

I love writing software; it's why I've been doing it for the last ~20 years. I'm passionate about building quality software that solves problems. I pay attention to detail because I care.

Programming means thinking first, and then writing code. A strong understanding of the problem is already half its solution. A solid foundation is key to a successful project that is completed on-time and is easy to maintain and extend.

I have extensive experience in gathering & evaluating requirements, design, implementation, deployment and maintenance. I work on the back-end, as well as on the front-end layer, I have knowledge of the full stack and will gladly work solo or as part of a team.

I have completed a wide range of projects, large and small, using many different technologies like .NET, HTML5, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, to name a few. I've built APIs and services, web & desktop applications, GIS, custom tools, databases and many more.

What I've worked with? Well, here's a non-exhaustive list that keeps growing: C#, .NET, Mono, PostgreSQL, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Node.js, HTML5, ExtJS (Sencha), OpenLayers, SQL Server (MSSQL), ASP.NET, WCF, Networking, Sockets, GDI+, Windows Forms, PHP, MySQL, Python, Qt, OpenGL, CSS, LESS, GIS, Telematics, Traffic Management, Google Maps, Canvas, C/C++, Git, Mercurial...

Pavlos Touboulidis
Drama, Greece